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             MJW brand has been on Polish market since 1959. The experiences gained in the production over those years are guarantee of high standard of quality of the tools, thanks to that we can successfully to compete with internationally recognized brands. Today MJW is a part of VIRAGO Group, an international supplier of tools and accessories for workshops and other car services.



Tools MJW

             The entire technology involved in the production process complies with the requirements of both the Polish Standard and the internationally recognized standards ISO and DIN for handwork tools.


             All our tools owe their homogenous material structure to high-quality, hot forged chrome-vanadium or chrome–molybdenum steel they are made of.


              The high hardness coefficient (35-45 HRC) is a proof of the extraordinary wear and tear resistance attained through a very thorough hardening process, at each and every stage of which the products are subject to stringent quality control procedures and resistance tests.


             The attractive appearance as well as surface protection are gained through the grinding and galvanizing process ( zinc coat ~ 8 ). All our tools are under warranty for any physical faults. We undertake to repair or replace any faulty products provided the fault has not resulted from misuse. The warranty does not apply to those of our products which have been modified, used improperly or have worn out due to extensive use.


             We will be very pleased when you study our web pages and you will decide to choose us as your supplier of the professional workshop tools.