VIRAGO parts spol. s r.o.

Everything for wheels...

Our company offers valves for cars, lorries, busses, agricultural mechanisms, bicycles, motorcycles ....

Valves for passenger cars and light trucks:


Valves for trucks and buses:

Agriculture and off road valves:

Bicycles, motorcycles and scooters valves

Þ 1st part

Þ 2nd part


For bicycles:

Þ type VAR and TR-4A

Þ type TR1

Þ type  V1.03.1 and V1.04.1

Þ type VFR and TVFR

Þ type C3E and C4E

For motorcycles and scooters:

Þ type TR4 and SP4 and V517

Þ type TR6

Þ type TR-87

Þ type PVR

Þ Nickel plated - diameter 11,5