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We offer wheel balancing weights unleaded Zinc or Steel weights  for standard and aluminium rims and adhesive weights for passenger cars and for trucks.


Balancing weights

Zinc balancing weights

Steel balancing weights

Adhesive weights

Þ made of Zinc + surface coating

Þ for standard and Alu rims

Þ for  passenger  cars

Þ made of steel  + surface coating

Þ for standard and Alu rims

Þ for passenger cars and for trucks

Þ steel adhesive weights with Zn plated or poly painted

Þ for Alu rims

Þ with or without extra tape

Þ with or without extra space

Quick balance 8kg

Þ QUICK BALANCE 8000 is a dry compound with a good flow ability, which consists of free flowing Micro-Pearls and other materials, perfectly balances the tire

Þ for lorries and trucks

Þ caused by centrifugal force the balancing powder will be equally distributed on the inside of the tyre. In a tyre which has not  been properly  balanced, a “pulling back” from the tyre occurs either because of the gravity centre in the tyre profile or of differences in the hardness of the tyre, which absorbs vibrations. The free flowing Micro-Pearls enable an adequate counter-movement whereby the area will be equalized and the tyre stay well balanced.


Weight plier

Þ remover for adhesive weights

Þ colour: red

Þ weight plier for clip-on weights

Þ with or without rubber protector